What is HR Internship?

The term Human Resources can be used to describe individuals working for a company or an organization and also the branch which looks after the management and well-being of Human Resources. The Human Resources internship focuses on people willing to work in the Human Resources department of a company. The internship program is open to a wide variety of people including students and recent graduates, helping them to gain experience, as well as build a resume.

Human Resources Intern jobs

The HR interns will mainly have jobs relate to compliance and administrative support to the HR team. Human resources internships have the responsibility to satisfy clients through administrative support and assistance delivery. Their tasks mainly focus on:

  1. Development of current knowledge of HR regulations and laws also a working knowledge of HR.
  2. Keeping a constant attitude of research and development via attending seminars, cultivating skills  fostering time and so on
  3. Administration of HR by tracking deadlines and progress, preparing documents, marketing information, and handbooks, ensuring career building, manage pre-employment processes, sorting incoming resumes, maintaining client satisfaction and so on
  4. Proactive teamwork is focusing on joint projects and handling client request whereas trying to minimize client disappointment and error.

Requirements for HR

The HR Internship is open to a variety of people including students and recent graduates; however having a decent degree are preferable. The intern must be skilled in customer service and communication. Exceptional written and communicational skills are not mandatory but preferable. The intern also must be proficient in word, excel, PowerPoint and email. The intern also must be capable of solving the problem and making quick decisions. The intern should be able to learn effectively and also share knowledge in a team-oriented environment. Special focus must be paid by the intern on the detail and perfection of a job.

Benefits of HR Internship

  1. HR serves as a building block in almost all industries in several countries of the world. It offers the opportunity to develop new skills and enhance existing skills. It also gives the opportunity of enhancing the resume. The intern wills the practical application of:
  2. Hiring and recruiting processes, including job opening, review of resumes side by side conducting telephone and in-person interviews, making job offers and negotiating to start salaries
  3. The compliances and importance of law empowerment, regarding eligibility of employment, maintenance of employee files, confidentiality, and management
  4. The relation between HR and finance in the field of latest paperwork which relates to onboarding and termination, usage of a payroll management database and generation of a report
  5. The issues related to employee benefits and renewal of plan along with open enrollment benefits enrollment and termination


HR Internship can give a person a solid foundation to understand hardcore corporate culture. It will prepare the intern to blend in the department that carries huge responsibilities. It will give the intern an important exposure and an insider look of a big organization. The theoretical knowledge of HR in real practice could be used in many fields. Thus it is a preferable option for someone who wants to gain professional knowledge and experience of working in big organizations.

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