Law Enthusiast Must Know These Legal yet Fascinating Ideas

You are at times introduced to a specific law area or specific law rule but the actual question arises when similar circumstances need different approach. That’s when you find yourself blank and confused in the midst of cases.
These brief summaries will introduce people to fascinating concepts that persist in law.

• The duty of taking care and not harming your neighbours – This comes under the Tort law where it covers the concept of ‘wrong’ done by someone which causes the loss of another person. It comes under tort since tort is the French word used for wrong. The ‘Neighbour Principle’ is set out by Lord Atkins, where he states that one should be careful of their actions and it should not by any means affect or impact to anybody. It’s the duty of extreme care one must follow.

• Better learn driving quickly – There was a case where the driver who was a learner injured his instructor where the instructor claimed a case of negligence on the driver. The question is whether if the learner is suppose to be as careful and tactful as the experienced person next to him/her? Well the appeal of the court says YES! So even though practice makes a man perfect, the tort law says otherwise.

• Owning parts of one’s own body – The logical concept would be saying that we own each part of our body but the law states otherwise. Since if the body is owned by you, you can either sell its organs or go for prostitution or even slavery. One can also go ahead and decide on destroying it. This is why it has been historically denied and refused to own our own bodies, so that we don’t succeed in killing ourselves, fair enough?
Well the guidelines set by the law do make sense after all. One must follow it if they want to avoid trouble.

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